Application Criteria:

  • 1. Technology must fit within list of GLEAMM focus areas
  • 2. Evidence of industry sponsor commitment
    1. – Letter of Intent, RFQ, RFP, SOW, SRA, or other documented evidence
      – External technologies must indicate the intended or actual relationship to Texas Tech (e.g., Joint or sponsored research).
      – Amount of funding committed by industry sponsor.
  • 3. Hard deliverables and Return on Investment
    1. – Licensing, startup opportunity, follow-on funding, etc.

    Use of Funds:

  • Industry project development: proof of concept, validation, testing, optimization
    1. – Student/staff support (undergraduate, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, technicians or other research staff)
  • Business plan development: technology/market landscape studies, startup costs
  • Equipment, Supplies, Travel
  • Indirect costs are not allowed.
  • Applications: Weston Waldo // // (806) 834-7995