Cyber Security

Securing Energy Assets
From Cyber Attacks

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Cyber Security

Facilities and Equipment

  • High performance computing systems on TTU campus and at Reese Technology Center
  • Data from test facilities
  • Intel security fabric and an Enterprise Security Manager

Team Leaders


  • TTU and Group NIRE have previously worked together to perform cyber security testing on new security fabric created by Intel which included an Enterprise Security Manager. The testing included utilizing real world data gathered at the field testing facility within a parallel network to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Intel security fabric.
  • Through the use of the testing facility the team was able to detect traffic originating from China and Eastern Europe identified as attempting to access protected devices.
  • New types of attacks that Intel and McAfee had never seen before.
  • All attempted attacked on all devices were logged in the Enterprise Security Manager and all attempts to date have failed to authenticate.

Project Brief

Intel Security Fabric White Paper