Calling all Texas Tech Innovators - Faculty, Staff, Students!

    • The GLEAMM Challenge is an energy technology competition where students and faculty can team up to showcase their world-changing ideas. If you have an idea for a new technology and want the time and resources to help develop that idea, then get ready to take the GLEAMM Challenge!

The competition’s two tracks (Spark Fund and Poster Showcase) will give you the chance to win funding and networking opportunities.

Winners of each track will:

      1. – Attend a VIP dinner


      1. – Receive a trip to

TREIA’s GridNEXT Conference

    1. October 23-24, 2017, where you will be given a chance to present your ideas.
    Technologies must fit within this list of GLEAMM focus areas:

      – Cyber Security
      – Weather & Energy Forecasting
      – Wind
      – Micro Grid
      – Solar
      – Phasor Measurement Units
      – Battery storage
      – Silicon Carbide development
      – Distributed Generation


Submissions are due September 2, 2016 to the Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) by for assessment.

Showcase Details


    Who can compete?

      – Teams of TTU researchers, students, and industry partners

    Judging & Prizes

      – Limited to top 5 applicants
      – Spark Fund board judging panel
      – Eligible funding awards from $5,000 – $50,000
Spark Fund Submission

Cameron Smith


    Who can compete?

      – Any undergraduate or graduate student at TTU
      – Applicants from other Tracks are welcome to compete here also
      – Presenters from last year are also welcome, but must disclose any updates in their research with the ORC for assessment

    Judging & Prizes

      – Limited to top 12 posters
      – TREIA board judging panel
      – Posters will be judged on the standard poster criteria, as well as the technology’s market application and disruptiveness to a GLEAMM focus area

        Abstract | Introduction/background | Results | Conclusions | Presentation

      – $500 prizes awarded to the top 3 posters

    Important dates:

      – Posters must be printed out and brought to ORC office by Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016.

    o A 3-feet high by 4-feet wide display space will be provided to each contestant.
    o Posters need to be 34-inches high by 46-inches wide, allowing for 2-inch margins.
    o The poster and all additional material (label, abstract, figures, charts, tables, summary) must fit within this 3′ x 4′ display area.
    o Please send an electronic version of your poster to Cameron Smith by September 20.
    o Contestants may bring small prototypes or models to accompany their posters if first approved by the ORC.

    Please remember to include the Texas Tech University and GLEAMM logos in the poster’s header.

Poster Submission &
ORC Technology Disclosure

Cameron Smith

Keynote Speaker

    Charles J. Hanley – Manager, Photovoltaics and Distributed Systems Integration Department, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Winners will be announced at the reception at 5:15 pm at the Innovation Hub. Drawings will be held for giveaways.

GLEAMM Challenge Agenda

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