Microgrid & DERs

Advancing Secure and Innovative Electricity
Systems through Microgrid Capabilities to
Mitigate Grid Challenges

Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)2020-02-05T17:37:33-06:00


Microgrid & Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)

One of GLEAMM’s priorities is maximizing the utility and production of a diverse portfolio of renewable and nonrenewable energy generation assets for residential, commercial and utility electricity needs.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Primary test bed located at Reese Technology Center where we currently have wind, battery traditional generation sources and facilities under development.
  • Opal-RT eMEGAsim real-time simulator
  • Software and data for power grid/microgrid stability and economic analysis
  • Software and skills for power grid data analytics (synchophasor, DFR, DER, etc)

Team Leaders

  • Mark Harral, Group NIRE CEO
  • Paul Sweat, National Instruments Senior Program Manager
  • Igor Alvarado, National Instruments Academic Business Development Manager
  • Michael Giesselmann, Texas Tech Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Chair
  • Stephen B. Bayne, Texas Tech Electrical & Computer Engineering Researcher


  • GNIRE and TTU have worked with South Plains Electric Cooperative and Golden Spread Electric Cooperative for over five years to generate power from distributed generation assets on an electrical distribution network.
  • GNIRE and TTU have helped developed ways to communicate and operate distribution assets in the field to the control systems of the electric cooperatives.

Project Brief

yearONE White Paper