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Phasor Measurement Units (PMU)2020-02-05T17:40:04-06:00


Phasor Measurement Units (PMU)

Facilities and Equipment

  • PMUs deployed at Reese Technology Center

Team Leaders

  • Mark Harral, Group NIRE CEO
  • Paul Sweat, National Instruments Senior Program Manager
  • Igor Alvarado, National Instruments Academic Business Development Manager
  • Michael Giesselmann, Texas Tech Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Chair
  • Stephen B. Bayne, Texas Tech Electrical & Computer Engineering Researcher


  • Texas Tech University (TTU) worked with several electric cooperatives to deploy a synchrophasor network in the Texas Panhandle portion of SPP. Currently, this system consists of five PMUs, a PDC located at the Reese Technology Center and an RTDMS server located on the TTU campus. Two of these PMUs are also functioning as revenue meters for two wind generation assets: a 1.67 MW Alstom wind turbine and three 300 kilowatt (kW) wind turbines at the Sandia National Laboratories’ Scaled Wind Farm Test (SWiFT) facility, while the third PMU is functioning as a revenue meter for a battery system which is located near the SWiFT facility.

Project Brief

TTU Synchrophasor Network White Paper