Advancing the Next Generation of Silicon Carbide
Power Electronics Devices to Support Electric Grid
and Distributed Generation Assets

Silicon Carbide Development and Manufacturing2020-02-05T17:40:54-06:00


Silicon Carbide Development and Manufacturing

Facilities and Equipment

Team Leaders

  • Mark Harral, Group NIRE CEO
  • Michael Giesselmann, Texas Tech Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Chair
  • Stephen B. Bayne, Texas Tech Electrical & Computer Engineering Researcher
  • Andy Wilson, X-Fab Semiconductor Foundries Director of Strategic Business Development
  • Sujit Banerjee, CEO Monolith Semiconductor
  • Kevin Matocha, President Monolith Semiconductor


  • Texas Tech researchers have experience in silicon carbide design, manufacturing and testing through past experience at Army Research labs. They also have previously designed Gate drive circuits to drive Silicon Carbide Power Devices and evaluated Silicon-Carbide Devices for high power and high temperature power electronics applications.

Project Brief

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