Solar Panels

Developed a Solar Test Facility to Maximize
Solar Generation and Support of Distributed
Energy and Microgrid Opportunities




Facilities and Equipment

  • Solar pad site leased and constructed at the Reese Technology Center
    • TTU’s solar array is complete and was commissioned 5/9/17
    • Group NIRE’s solar array was completed and commissioned 2/28/17

Team Leaders


  • Mark Harral was Co-Founder of Solar Powered Technologies which was a developer of solar plants in West Texas and developed a new serial inverter for solar panels
  • Smart Utility Interface for Photo-Voltaic Converters, Michael Giesselmann and A. Dusang, Texas Tech University
    • Texas Tech University engineers and researchers are developing smart utility interfaces for photo-voltaic converters. There is a need for power electronic converters which synchronize with the utility voltage to produce DC power when exposed to the sun. The converters provide power to weather sensors, remote communications equipment, battery charging, and other related areas.Read the full article here.

Project Brief

Real-Time Control and Integration of Solar Systems