The purpose of this RFP is to fund a maximum of four proposals in the sum of up to $50K each (may be combined) to address the broad topic of Energy Systems and Community Engagement. Engagement broadly involves the service and educational sectors, and public private partnerships. All proposals must involve innovations and must be potentially commercializable, and require disclosure of intellectual property to ORC.

The educational topic is intended to focus on educational platforms, pedagogy and flipped-classroom methodologies to engage a student pipeline from K-12 in the field of applied renewable energy sciences. The service category involves some broad benefit to the Lubbock community and must involve microgrid-associated technologies. The proposal should address at least one of the following:

1. Novelty of the approach to improve engineered or architectural systems for personal energy and mobility devices and/or platforms for rehabilitation of humans/animals with disabilities.

2. If school-based STEM proposal, it must involve the Lubbock community educational proposals must be consistent with current State of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

3. Proposed integration of microgrid, renewables and associated technologies into trades education using new approaches and partnerships with Lubbock community accredited institutions.