Who We Are

The GLEAMM Team is a collaboration of university innovators, industry leaders and for-profit testing, certification and manufacturing facilities focused on protecting, enhancing and managing energy transmission and distribution on the electric grid.

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What We Do

We connect unique field testing, certification and manufacturing facilities with university innovators and industry leaders to research, develop and commercialize technologies, services and next-generation power electronics.

We measure success based on:
• Research funding from private and public sources
• New technologies and services accelerated into the market
• Growth in our testing, certification and manufacturing services


Our Partners

Our Opportunities

Spark Fund

Hyper-Accelerated Wake Kinematics

Funding Startups that Accelerate the Commercialization of Energy Technologies

GLEAMM Spark Fund is a $1M proof of concept grant program designed to accelerate the commercialization of energy technologies through gap funding by launching startups based on GLEAMM-affiliated university intellectual property and attracting private sector sponsored research.

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